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Video consultations available

Video consultations are available, wherever you live in the UK!

After the success of video consultations for clients over the last year, our first session will be via Zoom. The video consultation has replaced the first hour of a home visit, the quality of the service hasn't altered but the cost is much lower for you, due to the lack of travel. This in depth session gives us the opportunity to discuss behaviour, previous experiences, learning opportunities and the therapy programme I will advise for you. I talk you through the step by step approach you need with positive reinforcement techniques on how to improve behaviour. It is fully comprehensive and you will have all the information you need, to start the first steps towards improving behaviour.

A written report, video updates and continuing support is still part of the bespoke service.

Many clients have found video calls to be a valuable part of getting the right help for their dog. It is simple to set up and can open the door to an essential service for you and your dog.

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