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Helen is committed to providing a professional service and to promote a positive environment for you and your dog, to improve challenging behaviour. As an owner you can rely on professional advice, with the well being of your dog at the forefront of a positive behaviour modification programme.
  • Professional and non-judgemental

  • Home visits

  • Video call consultations

  • Therapy programme tailored for the individual

  • Follow up sessions

  • Continuing help and support 

All behaviour modification therapy programmes are based on positive association principles. 

Helen Goodall is registered with the Council for Dog Training and Behaviour Practitioners, committed to

upholding the professional standards set by the CAWC Code of Practice. 

  • A Veterinary health check may be necessary before the consultation.

  • Video recordings are requested before the first session and ongoing for follow up sessions.


  • During consultations, Helen will help you learn about your dog’s challenging behaviour and how to make improvements.

  • Helen implements a therapy programme showing you how to improve behaviour and provide a secure learning platform for your dog.

  • The therapy programme is tailored specifically to your dog and you.

  • A variety of positive techniques encouraging a calm and willing mental attitude from your dog.

  • Graded positive experiences are employed to improve your dog’s experience and coping skill.

  • Appropriate mental stimulation, focus and positive response using treats or toys will be implemented.

Behaviour modification can sometimes mean lifestyle changes for you and your dog, that shouldn’t stop as soon as improvements can be seen.

Additional classes when appropriate for general obedience training, including agility and parkour in an outdoor setting can be recommended with Sophia Taylor, at 'On The Scent' 

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