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My canine family...

This is Rhea, my female German Shepherd. She is the brains of the family! Having re-homed her at about 2 years old, she became part of the family after failing to find an appropriate permanent home for her. She was hand shy when she came and it took about 6 months before she was able to tolerate touch.

She has a great exuberance for life and loves to be included in any trips out in the car. She usually accompanies me when I see to my horses, though she has a tendency to herd them up, which they don't often approve of! Due to her high energy levels, I'm unable to use her for work as a non-reactor dog, but once introduced to new friends, she loves to play and will do so endlessly! Much loved and treasured, I admire her skill at problem solving; she is a very fast learner and also loves agility. Rhea is now very affectionate in her own way, she loves to lick and 'mother' especially if you have a graze or a cut!

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