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Introducing my canine family...

This is the most recent addition to the family, Manny. He came to stay with us in May 2014 in a very poor state. He was found as a stray, no one claimed him, so I offered to help. I occasionally take in dogs that need some extra care or have behaviour problems on a 'foster' basis, with a view to rehoming once they are ready to find their forever home. Manny had a chronic skin condition and needed eye surgery as he suffered constant eye ulcers caused by a condition called entropia. He also had some behavioural issues due to poor bite inhibition and no learnt boundaires on behaviour in the home.

Nearly a year on, Manny has blossomed and his unique character has cast a bit of a spell on me! Channelling his energy into the positve has created some exceptional times for learning, for the both of us. Manny has a great enthusiasm for life now and hopefully will continue to grow into a balanced adult.

After doing some research on his breed, Manny is a cross, with dominant 'Shar Pei' features. Whatever breed he may be, he is a much loved and cherished part of the family.

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