"Helen was always very patient and calm, clear with her instructions and excellent at explaining why we were making the changes, offering great insight into how Mabel’s mind works as a dog."

"We had major problems with Ghost, but Helen has given us back our joy in walking a dog. She has never made us feel like we are bad dog owners and to be honest if it wasn't for Helen then Ghost would probably be back at the rescue we got him from. We are all so grateful for her help and advice."


Bringing a dog into your home can be one of the most rewarding relationships anyone can have in their life time.
Building and understanding the relationship with your dog is an essential, ongoing part of ownership. Problematic behaviour can threaten that relationship to the point where owners feel the only alternative is to re-home their dog.
Helen helps you the owner gain a better understanding of why your dog behaves in certain ways. Whilst working together towards better dog behaviour, your own confidence can improve, helping establishing greater trust and an improved response.
Helen is committed to help you and your dog whatever problems arise, for the lifetime of your dog.​​

​As an owner, do you experience any of the following issues with your dog?

  • Any type or cause of aggression/reactive behaviour

  • Fears and phobias 

  • Poor handling tolerance, issues with grooming and Vet visits

  • Nervous behaviour, poor coping skill

  • Stress and anxiety, its causes and symptoms 

  • Separation anxiety 

  • Obsessive or compulsive behaviour 

  • Excessive vocalisation

  • Puppy problems, mouthing, toileting

  • On-lead reactions, unreliable response

  • Problematic behaviour with a recent rescue

  • Multi-dog household issues

  • Relationship and family bonding issue

  • Hyper Sensitivity

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              Dog Behaviourist Helen Goodall